// So recently I watched Bubblegum Crash, the sequel attempt made after Crisis fell through. It’s short, and not that sweet. At least felt like it was trying to get things going again,

When watching I suddenly realized that I actually never thought about what the title actually meant. As an anime from the 80’s  I figured it was just one of those jargle-bargle pop sounding names.

Here is what BGC means:

While replying to a question about if the novel he was then-working on was part of Bubblegum Crisis, a sequel perhaps, Suzuki said:

No, the novel is a separate project. The subtitle could be anything…Crisis, Crash, whatever. As I’m sure you’re aware, we originally named the series “bubblegum” to reflect a world in crisis, like a chewing-gum bubble that’s about to burst. { source }


It was a cool sounding name.

Anyway, screenshots!