// There is no way I could be fast enough to report this. Its only been a day and its already halfway to its goal.


Shadowrun Returns has surfaced with a kickstarter.

Shadowrun is a series I’d like to share with others. Unfortunately, the entry into the game is a bit of a gauntlet. While I feel the atmosphere and setting has great appeal for various mediums, the tabletop game is the best example of providing a real hearty experience.  I’ve always wished I had an up-to-date product to offer friends as at least a nibble. Namely, a video game that meets the standard of immersion while properly conveying its origins.

There has been criticism of Tim Schafer’s success with Kickstarter, but lets think about what Kickstarter does overall: I get to fund something that provides a wide scale of information about its end product, have direct communication with the creators and hear their methods on delivering the goods, make a set bid on what products I want at the end of the agreement, and most importantly it gets made.

I am going to fund this so hard you will feel it from the moon BOOM.