+ Efficiently weird and consistently neurotic + +Commonly supportive of all things robotic +

Name: Rx3 – Red Retro Robot

Also known as // S.Rapp

Rx3 is a robot-enthusiast weirdo. They ate their manufacturing instructions and now roam the planet with a gnawing affliction. Usually nervous, sometimes spontaneous, and yet often curious. Enjoys concepts, theories, characters and events. Resides next to their gnawing partner, Cei.

It is the hope of the creator that the products of the mechanum are entertaining and amusing.

Can be contacted at this email.



Q: What is this website?

A: A hub of work I’ve done. Also a rambling blog concerning interests.


Q: What are your current projects?

A:  Within A Mile of Home, Comix Warriors, Mind the Gods, Unhelpful Robot and PENM.



Q: What is PENM?

A: Perpetual Endless Noise Machine. It’s a daily draw challenge where I draw at least 1 robot everyday. Always in b/w.

I plan on collecting these works into a collection for every year.


Q: What is Hiev?

A: Comrades.


Q: Are you really a robot?

A:  No disassemble ;E;


Q: How do you say your name? Ar-Ex-Three? Or R-to-the-Third? Red? Retro?

A: Any is acceptable.


Q: What are your tools?

A: Pens, paper, photoshop CS5, fire alpaca and a bamboo tablet. I also use a lot of brushes from Kyle Webster’s Photoshop Brushpacks.


Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Soon.


Thank you for visiting <3